Thursday, February 11, 2016

Closing Day!!!! And CLOSED!!!!

Closing Day

Today is the day we close. I don’t think me or the wife slept at all. It was a mixture of us being so excited that closing day was basically right there and finishing up packing. We had most of it packed up already. After the wife tried to go to bed I moved the majority of the boxes from upstairs down to the living room to make packing the U-Haul go fast as we can. We are going to be moving right after we close and we also have Time Warner coming in the afternoon. We want to get most we can done with thanksgiving tomorrow. One thing we couldn’t get is guardian to come out and hook up the security system. It slipped our minds with everything going on so now we get to wait 2 weeks for them to come out. We dropped the ball but it’s not that big of a deal. Not like we are paying for it but word to others call EARLY.
                                          Guess Scarlet isn't helping with moving 


WE HAVE KEYS!!! So we finally closed on our dream home! It took about an hour. You go and sign a huge packet of papers. They even provided us with a book copy of everything we signed. Right after we closed we took a car load over to the house such as a pc and TV for Time Warner for later in the day. It took us 3 U-Haul loads to get the majority of everything over to the house. We didn’t realize how much stuff we had. The greatest part was that my wife threw her back out two days before the move while packing. Then we found out my mother-law is sick and her BF had to go into work for few hours. So the first load went slow and wasn’t much on the truck as we could had fit on it. We also had to rush over to the house to meet up with the Time Warner guy. After the BF got off work we really started the loading of all the furniture and bigger stuff. In all it took us about 6-8 hours to do it all. Still some stuff to move over later while we clean and get ready to turn in the keys. We have our old place for another week so we have some time to get the few little things still there. Now the fun part of unpacking the new house begins.

                                       Also the counters with the flooring/cabinets 

What the heck NVR!!!!!

So we got home after our walk though and got a call from our loan processor asking us if we can move our closing date from tomorrow to the day after thanksgiving, instead of the day before. She told us that she forgot to send us the VA appraisal and we needed to sign saying we received it. They had to have us sign off on it at least 3 days before we closed. I about lost it. Well I kind of did. I had a few words that were not PG, the Marine in me kind of kicked back in. How can you not send a paper that we need to sign and return to close on our house? So I had to get off the phone with her to calm myself down.

I called my wife at work and let her know what was going on. As soon as she heard what was happening she instantly told me to get her manager’s number. My wife reminded me that we had received our VA appraisal over a month ago. This to us was a major screw up. Due to her not doing her job properly we were going to have to rearrange not only our schedules but also the people helping us move. After trying to calm down a little and with a little stewing I emailed our loan processor and asked for her manager’s name and number.

While waiting I went looking for the VA appraisal we had been mailed to see if there were any dates on the envelope it came in or on the documents for it. After finding the papers and verifying that there were dates from October on it I called the manger. I did go off about the processor for a little bit and told her we got it back in October. I let her know that we have a dated envelope and dates on the papers that were enclosed with it. She told me to scan and send it to her and she is calling the underwriting and the closing people to see what can be done since I had received it back in October. After about an hour I got a call back from the manager. She said that we could still close on our original date if we just signed a paper stating that we had received it back in October. She typed up the paper and emailed it and had us sign it saying.  We had to scan few more papers from the appraisal packet showing the dates on it. After everything was sent to her she called me about an hour later to let me know that we were set to close on the original date.

Final Walk though

So we close in 1 day and had our walk through today. The counters did get installed and they look great, better than what we thought they would. After picking all of our options we started second guessing everything. So many thoughts were running through our minds of all the choices. Is it all going to go together? How’s it going to look? Did we do ok? Are we going to like it? Basically we drove ourselves crazy for 3 months. All turned out great though.

We showed up to the meeting a few minutes early and went ahead and headed in. As soon as we entered the house there was a worker still doing some small touch ups. This didn’t surprise us with how behind they seemed to be during the whole building process though. After our PM arrived we went through the house. We tested everything lights, water (cold/hot), dishwasher, and even the jetted tub. We noticed that a lot of the closets had not been touched up and still had where they circled to touch them up. There were also a few spots around the house that needed to be touched up due to settling. That was the biggest issue we noticed during the walk through. The PM then had a packet to go over that we needed to sign off on. He then gave us a folder with a thumb drive with all the info on it you need for the house. The meeting lasted about an hour. Make sure not to bring kids since the PM goes over a lot of information in the packet.

Sorry for the delay in Post

So I have all the blogs since we closed ready. Just need to add the pictures and look over them for stuff left out. I didn't realize closing around the holidays would be such a big  headache but glad to a point we did. We didn't have to sign another year lease and now have our own house. We also had to deal with my wife's father passing on Christmas day so leading up to it we was else where dealing with stuff. ALL the blogs will go out at once. again sorry.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

One week!

Well we are finally just one week out from our closing date! It does not even seem real that we are this close to owning our dream home. It seems like forever ago since we signed the purchase agreement. Sadly I just received a call from our PM saying that we are behind. Our final walk through was supposed to occur on 11/23. It has now been moved to the day before we close.
It seems that there is an issue with the shipment for our counter-tops. So at this point basically the whole inside of the house is done besides the counter-tops and appliances being installed. Our first concern was making sure the closing date did not get moved. Our PM told us that this should not change our closing date. So as long as that doesn’t change we are fine with it. We know our PM will have his team work hard to get everything done in time. We are just reminding ourselves that we have one final week left of being stressed over the whole process before we no longer have to worry about all of this.

Picture update

   So we got about 2 weeks until close they left the doors open so we went in to see the progress.

Monday, November 2, 2015


So we had our pre-drywall meeting at the beginning of October.  It was a short meeting. It was more just us being able to walk through the house and look at everything that is being done and ask questions. We had planned when we went to the meeting to take a ton of pictures to know where pipes and wires were in the walls for in the future. Sadly we were both still trying to wake up and we forgot.

The main thing we wanted to know was the closing date. John was unable to give us the closing date or completion date while we were at the meeting. He let us know that he would call or text us later to provide a completion date. I actually had to end up texting him to find out the date for the walk through and the closing date. We have our walk through on 11/23 and closing date is 11/25. At this point we are in the final countdown of this whole building process and it seems like a dream. Sorry this one took so long seems we had a bug go though our house for a few weeks we all passed it around.